Day #760 (Thu., Feb. 2, 2012) – The Chicken On The Bus

Katie was up when I left for work this morning. She was not too happy to see daddy leaving, but it always helps when she can peer at me through the bedroom window as I get into the car and head down the road. I wave to her and say bye…she seems fascinated by the whole process.

2012-02-02Not sure what is growing faster…Katie or her mop of hair. Take a look at the photo to the left.

Where does the time go. I was going to finish painting off the baby doll crib this week but the time just flew. The weekend will soon be here and I always seem to find more time to do stuff like this.

I’ve been reading up on preschool science activities for toddlers and young children…found a couple of good books that I recommend here…

Katie is really into the song “Wheels On The Bus” these days. When I sing it I add the “chicken on the bus” part (which is not standard by any means). Katie just stared at me at first but I think she’s gotten used to it by now.

1) Katie is into the song “Wheels On The Bus” these days.