Day #765 (Tue., Feb. 7, 2012) – Plastic Beads

Katie went dancing this morning with Ramona. My wife had a conference call at work so she couldn’t attend. I guess Ramona had a hard time keeping Katie away from the class. She loves the class for the most part but she doesn’t like to run in a circle. As soon as they get to that phase of the routine she just sits down and cries. You need to pick her up in order for her to participate.

2012-02-07 - Beads
2012-02-07 - Beads

My wife ordered some plastic beads for Katie and they came today (see photo to the right). We decided that we would give her 4 beads at a time lest she lose them or break them and they are everywhere. She wanted all of us to play with them tonight. She would say “Come and play beads”. First we put them around her neck, then around my neck, then around our arms in the form of a bracelet. We put them in the Play Doh containers and then into the various cars of her toy train.

Another toy that came today is a set of stamps with some ink. She likes organizing them more than she enjoys making stamp imprints with them.

1) Katie’s plastic beads came in the mail today.