Day #774 (Thu., Feb. 16, 2012) – Katie’s Daddy’s Birthday

2012-02-16-SandalsToday is my birthday. I have a bit of a cold so I don’t feel like celebrating much. Took a huge jug of orange juice with me to work.

Katie’s shoe collection keeps growing. You can see her new “strappy sandals” in the photo to the left.

Our babysitter was trying to take Katie to the park this morning but she refused and cried and cried. She usually doesn’t go to the park in the morning so perhaps this is why. She had a bit #2 later in the day so perhaps this was the problem. Anyway…she didn’t go to the park and she had a huge nap this afternoon from 2-6pm. I came home from work soon afterwords.

I’m still not a well puppy…I went to bed early this evening to nurse my cold but here is what my wife told me…

The child scares me… I was showing her videos with Number Train, counting stuff, etc. Then I saw “5 little monkeys jumping on the bed” and before I even turned it on Katie said: “five little monkeys”. I don’t understand – can she get that from a tiny icon? Anyway, we watched and watched monkeys and then I saw “Old McDonald had a farm” and Katie said: “old McDonald had a farm”. I obviously don’t think she is reading the titles, but it sure feels like…

She was good this evening. Played a lot – with blocks, animals, Christmas book, crayons, play doh, new fish puzzle, etc. I got her a book “Wheels on the bus go round and round” – she liked it too.

I just put Katie to bed – she is not very happy, but I am hopeful…

1) Katie’s shoe collection keeps growing.