Day #777 (Sun., Feb. 19, 2012) – Baby Doll Crib Is Complete

I put the flower decals on the baby doll crib so it is officially complete. Now when my wife creates the mattress it will be ready for Katie to sit in it or “whatever”…

2012-02-19 - Katie's Paintings
2012-02-19 - Katie's Paintings

My wife got the paints out again today so we Skyped my mother so she could see all the activity (see photo to the left). We did a number of paints. Katie likes when my wife and I join her so she will come and give us a paint jar and brush and ask us to add our paint to her painting. When we didn’t have enough colors of paints out she had a bit of a temper tantrum. Soon it was time for bed.

This afternoon Katie was again into the paints. As soon as she got up from her nap she put her painter’s smock on. She knows that she needs that in order to paint. We tried to distract her with Play Doh when it was time to clean up but that didn’t work…but “Read a Roo’s Block Party” did the trick. With her watching television it was relatively easy to clean up the painting mess.

1) Katie’s Baby Doll Crib is done now.