Day #779 (Tue., Feb. 21, 2012) – Katie Meets The Real Estate Agent

Dance class this morning. My wife took Katie and our babysitter stayed home and cleaned up the house. We are having a Real Estate Agent stop by this evening to see it and give us tips on how to go about selling it. I guess that part of the class today incorporated a “sleeping routine” where you woke up and got a drink of water. Katie liked that part as she pretends sleeping and snoring now. My wife was mentioning that she doesn’t think that she likes the loud music at the dance class very much.

2012-02-21- Tubby Toast
2012-02-21- Tubby Toast

Katie had some “tubby toast” (i.e.: waffles) out on the patio this afternoon (see photo to the right).

When I arrived home this evening guess who greeted me at the top of the stairs with a jar of paint? Looks like painting is Katie’s new fixation…

Christina, a Real Estate Agent, stopped by this evening and told us how to proceed to sell our house. Katie was on pretty good behavior. As I was talking to Christina Katie came up to me and got her hug from daddy…she didn’t see me all day and is definitely becoming more affectionate.

1) Katie met her first real estate agent today.