Day #795 (Thu., Mar. 8, 2012) – Falling Off The Stool

2012-03-08 - Head Of Hair
2012-03-08 - Head Of Hair

It’s been quite the while since Katie was bald. She sure has a crop of hair going now as you can tell in the photo to the right.

A contractor came out and fixed our garage door this afternoon. Now we can get at all our belongings in the garage and put them in a “Pack Rat” container.

I have a new game that I play with Katie when I come home from work. I will take my shirt off and say “now where can I put my shirt…where’s the hanger”. I will then throw it over her head. She howls with delight at this…

Katie came up with a new game this evening. She took the stool that came with her easel and brought it to our bed. She would sit on it and fall backwards onto the bed. She had a great time doing this again and again…and laughing each time she fell.

Katie is watching “Team Umazoomi” and repeating whatever she hears on the television. She is becoming quite the talker.

1) Katie sure has a crop of hair.