Day #797 (Sat., Mar. 10, 2012) – “Read Me A Story”

As of this morning Katie has slept til 7:30am for four nights in a row. My wife loves this as it provides her a long extended sleep without interruption.

Katie brought a book to my wife this morning and said “Read Me A Story”. This is the first time she ever did that.

Katie just got up from her nap and is munching on a hot dog. My wife said that if you don’t know what to give Katie to eat a hot dog always works.

I took Katie to the playground near Lochmere this afternoon. Katie enjoyed pretty well everything it had to offer. A couple of tries at the swings, up and down the slide, playing in the sandbox, running around. When she had her fill she walked to the parking lot and said “Go Home”. She knew she had enough…

2012-03-10 - Floor Tile
2012-03-10 - Floor Tile

This evening we bundled up Katie and took her to the Lowe’s near our house. We were looking for what sort of tiles we would be putting down in our new kitchen. We know that the carpet (yes carpet) in the kitchen has to go. We have pretty well settled on 18″ vinyl tiles (see photo to the right) for now. We realize that we will remodel the whole kitchen at some point, but this will buy us some time.

Katie was bouncing on the mattress in our bedroom. We were thinking that we would take it to our new house and put it in Katie’s playroom since she loves to jump on it so much. As Katie was jumping she decided that she needed more space. She threw a book and cord onto the floor and then gently placed the camera and remote control next to it. It’s amazing that she realized that the camera and remote needed a bit more of a delicate touch than the other items. This kid is amazing…

1) Katie said “Read Me A Story” today.