Day #802 (Thu., Mar. 15, 2012) – A Bowl Of Ketchup

When I arrived home this evening Katie greeted me at the top of the stairs with her paint brushes. I should have changed before I went anywhere near that paint but she plopped herself down in front of her easel…she was eager to get started. In the end she managed to paint the sleeve of my dress shirt white. Good thing it is water soluable paint.

2012-03-15 - Playing With Water
2012-03-15 - Playing With Water

Katie not only enjoys painting she enjoys cleaning up (and anything that has to do with water) as you can see in the photo to the right.

7:15pm – Katie has been running around the house with one of her favorite foods…a bowl of ketchup. Of course it is all over her hands and mouth but she sure loves it. She doesn’t really have a sweet tooth, but sure loves ketchup.

Katie is sitting beside me on the bed with a Canadian flag and some Play Doh. She thinks it is fascinating to poke the flagpole through the doh…

1) Katie sure loves her ketchup.