Day #811 (Sat., Mar. 24, 2012) – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Figures

2012-03-24 - Mickey Clubhouse BookI went to Barnes & Nobles Bookstore in Cary this afternoon to check out the WPF Programming Books. They didn’t have anything I wanted but as I left I saw a little something at the doorway. It was a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Set for $9.99 (see photo to the left). It comes complete with a little story and a plastic adventure mat and some little figures of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, etc… Since Katie is so into the cartoon these days I thought she would really like this so I picked it up.

When Katie got up from her nap this afternoon I gave her the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Gift. She was in a rather fussy mood since she just got up but we played with it for a bit. She knew all the characters by name including one I didn’t know…Pete. I wanted to stand the figures up on the mat but Katie preferred having them all together in a pile.

I fell asleep on the bed this evening and Katie was having nothing of that. She quickly brought her “In The Garden” (My First Word) book so that we could go through it and identify the various pictures. When that only woke me up a bit she proceeded to tickle my feet…that did it…I was up…

1) I got Katie a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Book and Figurine set today.