Day #815 (Wed., Mar. 28, 2012) – Construction And Crocodile Hats

2012-03-28 - Packed Storage

Take a look at the storage unit in the photo to the right. It’s gradually getting filled…

I got up early this morning…after 6am and drove down to Lowe’s Foods to get the empty boxes they said that they would save for me. They had about 40 good boxes…all collapsed…and very good quality. Boxes that used to have paper towels and such in them. They will really help us out on our move.

I went to the Dollar Store at lunch today and picked up Katie a couple of hats to compliment the fireman’s hat I got for her a couple of days ago. One was a construction hat and the other was a crocodile hat. I gave them to her this evening. Katie liked the construction hat but the crocodile hat…not so much…

I guess when Katie was at the park she found a shy little boy and enjoyed chasing him. She is starting early…

My wife and Katie and I spent part of the evening out on the patio. It was cold last night so no mosquitoes or bugs. This will probably be one of the last times we will get to enjoy this patio. Katie was in rare form getting us to blow bubbles for her. She actually got off the patio and picked some flowers and brought them back to us.

1) Katie is into blowing bubbles these days.