Day #853 (Sat., May 5, 2012) – Red Light…Green Light

I made a dish of grilled eggs and cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes for Katie this morning. I used to make it almost every weekend when we lived in Cary but with the move it has been hard. She really took to it…she missed it. Of course my wife and I had the same but the main recipient was Katie.

With her stomach filled I took Katie to the community park so she could burn off the calories. As we were driving to the park Katie would make comments on the color of the traffic lights and whether I should stop or not. While at the park Katie came across a Thomas The Train Ride On toy. I couldn’t find out who owned it at first, but when I did they said that she would play with it.

2012-05-05 - Katie's Nursery
2012-05-05 - Katie's Nursery

I attached the bureau in Katie’s room to the wall this evening and fixed the drawer under the crib. The photo to the left shows Katie’s new nursery.

Katie and I have this new game. I will hide behind the blanket and jump out and say “Surprise” and then Katie will say “Surprise”. She laughs and cackles at this game…

1) Katie’s new bureau is attached to the wall now.