Day #884 (Tue., June 5, 2012) – I Am Building My Strength

When Ramona put Katie into the car she said that they were going to the park. Katie objected so Ramona asked her if she wanted to go to the museum. To the museum it was…

I made dinner tonight…baked beans and ground turkey. I’m not sure if I was hungry or it was a change but it sure was tasty. My wife and Katie liked it to. For dessert I put a couple of bananas, vanilla protein powder, and water, into a blender… All three of us liked that too…

2012-06-05 - Color Coordination
2012-06-05 - Color Coordination

Katie has been playing with her blocks a lot more these days. Guess you could say that she has grown into them. This evening she made a nice little train out of blocks…color-coordinated as well (see photo to the right).

I crashed just before 8pm this evening but woke up around 11:30pm. My wife was up and Katie had just gone to bed so no need to take over for her this evening.

Here’s what my wife told me happened this evening:

1) Katie was doing pushups of sort on the green chair and said “I am building my strength”. Where does she get this stuff? It must be coming from the cartoons she is watching…they are so much more educational than the cartoons I used to watch as a kid.

2) Just before I woke up Katie was singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in her crib. She was singing this til she fell asleep.

3) My wife was organizing one corner and Katie ‘helped’ her. She was excited about finding new stuff, etc. She also played with Piglet a lot. The piggy climbed the tree, played on a swing, and even was tucked in for a nap. Katie requested that my wife swing Piglet ‘higher’. When my wife asked her ‘Why don’t you swing the piggy?’. Katie’s reply was “no no no, it’s impossible”.

1) Katie said “I Am Building My Strength” today.