Day #889 (Sun., June 10, 2012) – Katie Has A Fever

Katie was up early and has a fever of 100 degrees. She told me wife “I want to have a banana to make my tummy feel better”.

My wife called our doctor friend in Charlotte and she suggested that we have some children’s ibuprofen handy in case he fever gets worse towards the evening. So, I went to Harris-Teeter to get some children’s ibuprofen this afternoon and some other groceries as well. I picked up some fresh plums that Katie particularly appeared to enjoy.

2012-06-10 - Father's Day Present
2012-06-10 – Father’s Day Present

Not sure why, the lack of sleep or Katie being sick or “whatever”, but we all thought today was Father’s Day. As such my wife and Katie gave me the present in the photo to the left. It is a pencil holder that opens to house a couple of photos of Katie. I can use such a device at work.

3:00pm – The ibuprofen is working wonders…Katie’s fever is going down and she is up and about.

We had an invite for a patio party this afternoon but with Katie’s condition we could not make it. We were mostly afraid that she might have some infectious disease that she might pass on to other children that are there. Once of the women who will be attending just had a baby.

My wife has been up early tending to Katie’s sickness so she went for a nap and I took over. Katie and I built some towers out of blocks for a while but I eventually put her to bed and around 4pm she fell asleep. I put a bit more portland cement down on the kitchen floor and now it is time for me to nap as well. Heaven knows how energetic Katie will be when she gets up.

This evening we were excited that Katie was interested in eating. She would rhyme off it would seem everything that she had ever eaten over the course of her short little life and mommy and daddy would dutifully go and get her some. Trouble is…I think she was just listing these foods off, not interested in actually eating them. With plates of “this and that” scattered all over the living room Katie said that she wanted some grapefruit. That was it for me…I refused to get her anything else. My wife did go and get her some grapefruit though. I can still see the untouched plate of grapefruit in my mind’s eye as I type this…

1) Katie is not a well little toddler today.