Day #897 (Mon., June 18, 2012) – Houston, We Have A New Dishwasher

The plumber came this morning and installed a new dishwasher and faucet in the kitchen. Now we won’t have to do dished by hand. With Katie around there is always plenty to do…not having to do the dishes manually is a real blessing.

I’m not sure what I have but it will just not “go”. I felt relatively fine during the weekend but after lunch today I started to sneeze and cough like mad. Might have to work from home tomorrow. Beats giving what I have to others in the office.

2012-06-18 - Bunnies
2012-06-18 – Bunnies

On the way home from work this evening I met a couple of bunnies at the intersection of our streets (see photo to the right).

Remember the old guitar toy that Katie played with “back in the day”? Well, my wife dug it up and Katie was fascinated with it. She can actually push the buttons and pull the strings and knobs now. My how time flies.

Just before we put Katie to bed I showed her the Dick Van Dyke Link I Am A Fine Musician. She started to animate out the various parts.

1) Katie loved “I Am A Fine Musician” on the Dick Van Dyke Show.