Day #901 (Fri., June 22, 2012) – Static Electricity

2012-06-22 - Little Birds
2012-06-22 – Little Birds

The baby birds that are nested in our hanging potted plant are getting quite big and will be leaving the nest soon (see photo to the right).

My wife is starting to sneeze so it looks like what Katie and I have is being passed on to her. She was amazed how much my Vicks Inhaler worked so we decided that we would drive down to Harris Teeter late this evening to get her one. Katie was wound up and looking for a way to expend energy and she wanted to get some strawberries at any rate.

Once at Harris Teeter we were hoping that Katie would want to sit in the shopping cart but “silly us”. Katie wanted to roam and run so while my wife tended to Katie I strolled the halls and got the supplies. We picked up some organic strawberries, a watermelon, and a Vicks Inhaler.

While at Harris Teeter I also picked up some balloons, which we played with when we got back home. Katie initially wanted a helium balloon at well over $10 so an assortment of balloons at $1.99 seems like quite the deal. Being of assorted sizes Katie would go from one to the other: “I want a yellow balloon”. “I want a green balloon”. You get the picture. I ended up explaining static electricity to Katie by showing her how a balloon would stick to your hand if you rubbed it on your hair. She seemed quite amazed.

1) Katie got an introduction to static electricity this evening.