Day #922 (Fri., July 13, 2012) – Jigsaw Puzzle Corner Pieces

This evening we bundled Katie up and took her to the Learning Experiences Store in Durham. My wife heard that they were having a special on jumbo puzzles so we went to take a look.

2012-07-13 - Floor Puzzles
2012-07-13 – Floor Puzzles

There were a number of 24 piece floor puzzles to choose from. We chose one that centered around domestic animals (dogs, cats, etc.) and another that centered around jungle animals (see photo to the right).

Katie loved the store. It had some toys on display that she could play with. She spent some time playing with a little wooden train set on a table but she really liked this miniature dollhouse equipped with furniture and figurines. My wife said that she had never seen her playing that intently with a “dollhouse like toy”. Guess our little girl is growing up.

After shopping we ended up at Moe’s. Katie behaved for the most part but once she started pouring the contents of the salt shaker on the table we knew that it was time to leave.

Back at home it wasn’t long before both puzzles were out of the blocks and being assembled on the floor. I tried to help her out by asking to show me the corner pieces, the ones with two flat edges, like I showed her yesterday. She did…amazing. She really does learn from what you tell her.

1) Katie knows what the corner piece of a puzzle means.