Day #930 (Sat., July 21, 2012) – Katie’s New Bed

2012-07-21 - Katie's New Bed
2012-07-21 – Katie’s New Bed

I had the monitor last night and since Katie was coughing quite a bit I didn’t get much sleep.

I took Katie to the park near the high school this morning. She spent a lot of time on the swings and played with a couple of boys. There is a hollowed-out stump there and all three of them enjoyed getting inside it. Quite the natural toy.

This evening we took Katie to Yopop for some “Frozen Sugar” (as she calls it). We got caught in quite the rainstorm…nice to have a carport at our house when we get home.

Once home it was time to assemble Katie’s bed (see photo to the right). She tried to help my wife and I but after a while it got easier to just take the parts into her room and shut the door. Given the way that Katie loves to jump up and down on beds I wonder how long it will last? I can see daddy coming with the repair kit now…

1) Katie has a new bed!