Day #945 (Sun., Aug. 5, 2012) – Japanese Hibachi Buffet

2012-08-05 - Sleeping Zebra
2012-08-05 – Sleeping Zebra

The photo to the left shows our little “Sleeping Zebra”…

I took the watering hose reel to the bedroom this afternoon. Theory is that when Katie is sleeping I will be able to assemble it…when she is up it is almost impossible to do something like this as she “wants to help”.

We went to the Japanese Hibachi Buffet for dinner this evening. Katie liked the noodles that I had on my plate and she also said that she wanted some corn so my wife went and got her some. She liked dipping her chop sticks in the soya sauce but wasn’t overly impressed with the pepper chicken (she grabbed her juice bottle soon after taking a bite).

On the way home I dropped my wife and Katie off at the community park and went to Trader Joe’s for groceries then picked them up on the way back. Sometimes Katie is fussy and it is hard to find her something to eat so I picked her up a bag of vegetable snacks…the theory being if she eats some she will get thirsty and grab her milk and thereby go to bed all that much quicker… 😉

1) Katie liked the corn but not the pepper chicken at the Japanese Hibachi Buffet.