Day #949 (Thu., Aug. 9, 2012) – Bingo & Water Balloons

2012-08-09 - Katie's Craft
2012-08-09 – Katie’s Craft

Katie made the craft shown in the photo to the left today…

This evening I gave Katie a couple of “Special Presents”. The first was a little Bingo game that I picked up at the Dollar Store a few days ago. I realize that it is a bit too “grown up” for her, but since she took to the spinner in our Twister game the other day, and this game had a spinner, I thought it might offer up a bit of entertainment. Well, Katie did like the spinner but missed the concept of putting markers on the numbers when you play the game. She would take the markers off the cards and put them into a pile. So much for her first game of Bingo.

When the thrill of Bingo wore off Katie started to get a bit fussy. She wanted to go outside so I unleashed the second “Special Present” of the evening…water balloons. Up til now the balloons she has had were meant to last, so I think the concept of throwing them and wanting them to break was lost on her. I would fill the balloons up with water and when I gave them to her to throw she would say “no” and run away. So much for Katie’s first water balloon adventure.

1) Katie enjoys spinners in various toys.