Day #965 (Sat., Aug. 25, 2012) – Our Late Riser

Katie didn’t get up til close to noon today. I guess all the festivities of the past few days finally got to her and she had to rest and recuperate.

My wife took Katie to the park today while I did some work around the house. Work like:

2012-08-25 - Painted Dowels
2012-08-25 – Painted Dowels

1) I fixed the bubble making machine. It had rusted up and needed to be taken apart and oiled.
2) I put down another section of tiles on the kitchen floor.
3) Set up the dehumidifier in the basement so that it is working now.
4) The dowels that I picked up for Katie’s hammering toy are not quite thick enough. So, I dunked them in latex paint and let them dry on a rack (see photo to the left). If I do this enough times hopefully the width will increase enough that they will fit perfectly.

It was dark this evening when Katie got up from her nap so it was too dark to take her to the park. We had a quick dinner and took a drive. While on the drive Katie kept saying that she wanted ice cream. We decided that we would save a few bucks and drove her home so she could have a small dish of the ice cream that we already had in the freezer.

1) I fixed Katie’s bubble making machine today.