Day #967 (Mon., Aug. 27, 2012) – Babysitter Gwen’s First Day

2012-08-27 - Toy Workbench
2012-08-27 – Toy Workbench

Gwen, our new baby sitter, arrived as I was leaving for work this morning. She will be taking over from Ramona. I need to meet with Ramona sometime this week to give her her last week’s pay and her water bottle as well.

Another gift that our friends from Charlotte brought for Katie is the workbench in the photo to the left. Katie loves to especially pound the red peg into the plastic with the red plastic hammer.

My wife ordered a new drill for me from Amazon. The old cordless one died…or at least the batteries did. Once this new one comes I will be able to take up with odd jobs around the house…like putting up the $5 mirror I picked up a while back (so Katie can model her clothes). I also need to put a safety latch on the drawer under the kitchen sink.

After work today I did some drawing with Katie with the washable markers I bought for her at Target the other day. A potential disaster…even if they are washable. I went through our drawing book and asked Katie what she wanted me to draw next. Monkey? Owl? Lion? Ok, lion it is. When I finished the basic structure I asked her if she wanted to draw a mustache on the lion, and she would. I would then ask her if she wanted to give the lion a smile, and she would draw that as well…then a bit of sun up in the sky. She seemed to really enjoy helping daddy draw all these various objects.

1) Katie’s new babysitter Gwen started today.