Day #973 (Sun., Sept. 2, 2012) – Dinner At Helen’s

2012-09-02 - EleFun
2012-09-02 – EleFun

I finished priming the kitchen floor this afternoon. Tomorrow I will start putting down the tiles. Soon we will have a finished kitchen floor.

Susan and Brian (parents to Katie’s friend Helen invited us to come over for dinner tonight. We took the “EleFun” game (see photo to the left) that we picked up for them last night. Monte, their son, set it up and soon Katie and Helen were dancing around catching butterflies in the nets. If there is jumping and running involved you know that Katie is in on the action.

While we were eating dinner the babysitter came out and said that we would have to see this. Helen and Katie got into the boxes of plastic sandwich bags and they were all over the kitchen. Cackling and laughing they didn’t really offer much help to us as we tried to put them back in the box.

1) Katie enjoyed chasing after the EleFun butterflies at Helen’s today.