Day #975 (Tue., Sept. 4, 2012) – Our First PTA Meeting

Emily, the girl we met yesterday at Chuck E Cheeses, started work for us this morning. My wife tells me that Katie just loves her and that she has never seen her so happy. My wife got the back windshield of her car replaced today so Emily couldn’t take her to the park. They did have a stroll around the neighborhood though.

This evening we interviewed another potential babysitter. She was an older lady who had just moved down to the Raleigh area from New Jersey.

2012-09-04 - Katie's School
2012-09-04 – Katie’s School
By 6:30pm we were dropping Katie off at Brian and Susan’s house. They will be taking care of Katie this evening while we go to the Parent Teacher Meeting (PTA). We met Katie’s teachers and saw the room where she will be spending most of the time. Katie’s name is up on the wall has having a January birthday (see photo to the left). We also filled out various forms and got a tour of the school. Katie’s first day will be tomorrow…I bet she will have loads of fun.

The next step was to stop by Brian and Susan’s to pick up Katie. The plan was to just grab her and go as they will be trying to put their children to bed. That was the plan, but Katie didn’t want to leave. Eventually we were able to pry her away and head home…

I’m starting to pretend to sleep in Katie’s bed. We are hoping that she will “take the hint” and eventually move from her crib to her new bed. She hasn’t been sleeping in it like we had planned.

1) Katie’s new babysitter, Emily, started work today.