Day #997 (Wed., Sept. 26, 2012) – Halloween Party Feedback

2012-09-26 - Mickey Mouse Halloween Window Clings
2012-09-26 – Mickey Mouse Halloween Window Clings

The photo to the left shows the window clings that I gave to Katie last night.

We are gradually starting to think about our first Halloween in Chapel Hill. My wife wanted me to edit the message we will send out so here is the final version:

We have recently moved into the Chapel Hill area and are looking forward to our first Halloween in our new home. We dressed our daughter Katie as a crayon last year (and a chipmunk the year before), and although we are not sure of what she will be this year, we were wondering if there is interest amongst other parents (and youngsters of course) in perhaps meeting somewhere and going “door to door” as a group? It would be fun for the kids I’m sure, and we parents could get the chance to chat and become more acquainted as well. We were thinking that we could all meet at our house afterwards for some hot grilled food and other special treats. We are still in the early planning stages so we welcome any suggestions and thoughts!

1) We are in the planning stages of a very special Halloween for Katie this year.