Day #999 (Fri., Sept. 28, 2012) – Visit From A Kitty

Katie was up early this morning. She wanted to see Old McDonald on YouTubeRepeater but when I casually mentioned “Can Can” she wouldn’t let it drop. The “Can Can” video it is!

Katie followed me to the door this morning. She wanted to come to work with me and I had to get my wife to come and get her. Don’t worry Katie…you’ll find out what “work” is before you know it…

When I came home from work this evening my wife and Katie were out on the patio playing with a cat. We think it belongs to Lucy. Katie loves all animals and soon brought me a bubble wand to give to the kitty. I guess to make her feel loved???

2012-09-28 - Clay
2012-09-28 – Clay

Special Present for Katie this evening. We can’t find her Play Doh so I gave her some colorful modelling clay (see photo to the left) that I picked up at the Dollar Store a while back.

I played a “Chiquita Banana” video on YouTubeRepeater for Katie this evening.

1) Katie sure loves animals.