Day #1029 (Sun., Oct. 28, 2012) – The Dollar Store & Chuck E. Cheese

When I got up this morning Katie was sitting in the LazyBoy. I pointed to the small chair and said is that your chair? She said yes. I pointed to the LazyBoy and asked her if that was her chair? She said yes. I said “Then where should daddy sit”? She said “You can sit in the small chair” and gave a wry smile… 🙂 She knew it was a joke…

My wife wanted to organize the place for the Halloween Party on Wednesday so I took Katie to the park. She was fussy so I took her to the Dollar Store to get some Halloween tablecloths and battery-operated tea lights (for the Jack-O-Lanterns).

Katie recognized that we were driving in the direction of Chuck E. Cheese’ so we had to stop off there as well. Katie hurt her knee and wondered if Chuck E. Cheese would kiss her boo boo. I said if he is there. He was there and did kiss her boo boo.

2012-10-28 - Chuck E Cheese Haul
2012-10-28 – Chuck E Cheese Haul
I got a ton of tickets while at Chuck E. Cheese’ and Katie could have had her pick out of almost anything on the shelf. She chose a plastic snake and some plastic bugs. Go figure… You can see her entire haul in the photo to the right.

This evening we went to Food Lion and Trader Joe’s for supplies. On the way we stopped off at a local pumpkin stand to pick up some little pumpkins for our Halloween party. While at Trader Joe’s Katie accidentally dropped some milk. The clerk made a comment that he was glad it was not vomit. He was so animated that Katie got scared and started to cry.

1) What’s up with Katie’s fascination with rats and snakes and bugs?