Day #1032 (Wed., Oct. 31, 2012) – Hosting A Halloween Party

This evening is the night of the big Halloween Party. We had a terrible time getting Katie ready for preschool this morning. They are having trick or treating today and I think she is a bit wary of it since we keep making a big fuss out of it. Oh well, at least she will know what the whole process is about by the time this evening rolls around.

We met at 5:15pm with the other parents and children and proceeded to visit the houses in the neighborhood who said they really wanted to see children this evening. I had a dinosaur (or crocodile) hat, my wife had a set of giraffe horns and a tail, and of course Katie was in her Minnie Mouse dress. We were hoping to put her ears, nose and whiskers on but this proved to be quite the challenge with a resisting child…

2012-10-31 - Trick Or Treat
2012-10-31 – Trick Or Treat

My wife made a map with little red dots on it which was helpful. Some of the people expressed such delight in seeing kids…they have not had trick or treaters in the area in years. We did have to explain to Katie that she could only have one of the treats from each house (see photo to the right)…our eager beaver didn’t know when to stop stuffing her orange plastic pumpkin.

We were soon over at our house for a Halloween Party. I spent most of the evening on the grill while my wife entertained the guests. The spare bedroom became the gathering point for the kids and was it ever loud. Apparently even Katie found it too loud at one point…she ended up back at her bed with Emily drawing and coloring pictures.

Of course once all the festivities died down it was hard to get Katie calm. She was up til 11:30pm…

1) Katie loved trick or treating with her friends this evening.