Day #1037 (Mon., Nov. 5, 2012) – For The Love Of Caramels

My wife made some red Play Doh the other day. For some reason it does not have the shelf life of the two batches that Emily made a while back. You can see it starting to “chalk up”. There must be a special way that Emily made it…whether how she cooked it or if she put more oil in it. The Play Doh that you buy in the store is the worst of all mind you…but they don’t want it to have a long shelf life. The more of the stuff you buy the better off the company is.

2012-11-05 - New Drapes
2012-11-05 – New Drapes

My wife got some new drapes for Katie’s room. You can see them in the photo to the left.

There are these delicious caramels that we pick up from Trader Joe’s. We all love them…but Katie seems to have taken this love to a whole new level. This evening, after she got up from her nap, she walked over and picked up the whole box of them that were sitting on the little table next to me. She then walked past me and sat on the couch with them on her lap. She wanted them close.

Katie has taken to waving her finger and saying “Ah ah ah…”. Wonder where she gets that from? I’m reminded of “Newman” doing that on the Jurassic Park movie, but I don’t think she has ever seen it.

Today is Election Eve here in the U.S. Who will win? Looking back on it…how will this affect Katie’s life? Time will tell.

1) Katie has new drapes for her bedroom now.