Day #1089 (Thu., Dec. 27, 2012) – Feeding Toy Animals

2012-12-27 - Katie's HandKate has learned to draw her hand (see photo to the right).

aAs soon as I got home from work this evening Katie said that she had something to show me. It was a piece of pink thread. She has always been this way…bringing something to daddy as a sort of “introduction”. I mentioned how it was the same as the color of her dress.

Daddy brought Katie a “dum dum” lollipop home from work. Katie really likes them and as they are a lot smaller than regular lollipops there is less candy for her to consume. She is actually able to get the wrapping of them…some of the time. The only issue as of late is that she has learned to bite into them rather than suck them. This means that they don’t last as long.

Katie is still progressing in the potty training department. For some reason this evening she would say that she needed to go pee pee but when she got there she was unable to. This happened about 4-5 times before success. I guess she would get so worked up that it didn’t work out like she had initially intended.

Itching for a “Special Present” this evening my wife went and got a package of children’s playing cards out of our Dollar Store box of gifts. We were trying to come up with games that Katie would like but she preferred to throw them up in the air and make a mess.

I guess Katie got into the almonds today. Rather than eat them, which would have been healthy (and neater), she decided to throw them around the living room. When my wife asked why she said “I want to feed my animals”.

Katie made an observation this evening. Mommy has brown hair, she has pretty hair and daddy has no hair…

1) Katie got into the almonds today to feed her animals.