Day #1093 (Mon., Dec. 31, 2012) – Special Delivery

Katie didn’t get up til late this morning so we are thinking of not letting her nap today. Hopefully this will mean she will go to bed earlier this evening and will get back onto a more normal schedule.

2012-12-31 - Teddy In BedI was in the bathroom this morning when all of a sudden I got a note under the door. It was Katie’s note and after delivering it she said “Special Delivery”. Wonder where she get’s this from? Television I suppose…

Katie is really into “tucking” things into bed these days. You can see teddy in such a state in the photo to the left.

My wife wanted to go to a Polish Store in Durham today so we packed Katie up and went for a drive. Across the street from the store was a small lake that a flock of Canadian geese were calling home. All the while we were in the store she kept mentioning that she wanted to go see them so guess what we did after we were done our shopping? As it turns out the Canadian geese were real, but the white swans were fake. My wife said she realized this when one of them was upside down.

Not sure why but Katie thought that the white swan decoys were herons so she kept mentioning that she wanted to see them again all the way home. We told her that we would show her some heron on YouTube when we got home. A cheap substitute I guess you could say.

1) Katie sent me a “Special Delivery” letter today.