Day #1113 (Sun., Jan. 20, 2013) – “The Puppets Of The Music”

I drove out to Cary this morning to see about a computer armoire. I need to have a place to keep my files and papers so that Katie won’t be into them anymore. She is constantly getting into my accordian file folders and taking papers out and then relocating the whole box to the living room, etc.

When Katie went to bed for a nap my wife and I went downstairs to figure out why we didn’t have some power in some of the electrical outlets. There was a circuit breaker in one of the outlets that had broken…that was the problem.

2013-01-20 - Puzzles
2013-01-20 – Puzzles

There were two NFL football games on this afternoon and evening so Katie will have to share daddy today. We played with puzzles (see photo to the left) and “marbles” from our Chinese checkers game. Looks like that Chinese checkers game will be in no shape to actually play the game by the time Katie is old enough. By then who knows how many marbles will be with the set. They are scattered out the living room right now.

Katie kept asking for “The Puppets of the Music” this evening. We were not sure what she was talking about at first…but eventually we figured it out. She was referring to the “Lonely Goatherd” music from the Sounds of Music Musical.

1) We now have a new computer armoire so that Katie cannot get into daddy’s papers.