Day #1152 (Thu., Feb. 28, 2013) – A Beach Party

Becca went to meet Leah (her friend) and the kids she takes care of (Leah and Wes) today. They were having a beach party and invited Katie to come along. I guess that Katie always runs up to Leah and gives her a big hug when she sees her.

I crashed pretty soon after dinner this evening. It’s a little after 10pm now and my wife has just gone to bed. I’m tending to Katie til she gets tired (hopefully soon). She is eating ice cream and watching “Peppa Pig” beside me as I write this blog.

2012-02-28 - Kitchen Jungle Animals
2012-02-28 – Kitchen Jungle Animals

Katie wanted to play “jungle animals” (see photo to the right) after her ice cream so out to the kitchen we went. She likes to organize them on the tile and brought out bins of toy animals. She started to make this “clicking” sound. When I asked her where she learned that she said “Miss April”.

All of a sudden she said “I’m going to get some trees. Ok, buddy?” and off she went. She came back with some duplo blocks stacked high (a tree I guess). She promptly put a plastic bird on the top of the tree. All of a sudden again she offered her hand and said “Pleased to meet you”. Where does she get this stuff?

Katie went to bed around 11:30pm. I was up for about another hour or two doing tax documents. Hope to send them to the accountant tomorrow.

1) Katie got invited to a pretend beach party today.