Day #1158 (Wed., Mar. 6, 2013) – Volunteering At PreSchool

My wife volunteered at Katie’s preschool today so I had to be home at 4pm to take care of Katie. Armed with 4lbs of spaghetti she left a bit after 4pm.

I tried to get Katie to eat but she wasn’t having anything to do with it. Cheerios? No… Banana? No… Ah, Peanut Butter? Yes… I gave her a spoonful of peanut butter. It did do the trick and made her thirsty so she downed a whole bottle of goat’s milk. The peanut butter? Most of it ended up decorating her toy antelope…

2013-03-06 - Making Turtles
2013-03-06 – Making Turtles

We spent some time making crafts. I made a round circle out of orange construction paper and some facial features out of black construction paper so we had fun making faces on a pumpkin. Soon Katie said she wanted to make turtles so I got out two foam bowls and made some construction paper turtle body parts out of those (see photo to the right).

My wife came home around 7pm. Someone at the school gave her a ride so I didn’t need to go pick her up. I’m fighting off a cough/cold courtesy of Katie so I went to bed early.

1) My wife volunteered at Katie’s preschool today.