Day #1208 (Thu., Apr. 25, 2013) – Music Class With Katie

2013-04-25 - Daddy's ShoeRemember me mentioning Katie getting into the calamine lotion the other day? The photo to the left shows the result on daddy’s shoe.

I stopped off at Lowe’s at lunchtime today to get some screws to secure the dart board to the door. Screws should hold the board to the door more securely than nails.

When I got home from work this evening Lucy and Zach were there. Of course Katie loved to see Zach and they stuck around til just before we were out the door.

This evening Katie’s preschool invited us to participate in a music/singalong class with Katie and the families of the other students. Katie loved to run around with the other kids…but was not too much into sitting down and clapping and singing along when the time came. At one point she ran up to me and said “I want to do something else”. She then got down on the ground and crawled around and meowed like a cat.

My wife and I were talking about Katie’s actions in the car as we were driving to YoPop yogurt for a frozen treat. When you think of it, out of that whole classroom of students and parents, she decided she was going to “do her own thing”. She really is an independent child with a strong will. My wife is going to talk to her teachers about it when she gets the chance. Is Katie really this independent with them?

1) Katie sure is an independent child…even when in a class of children and parents.