Day #1218 (Sun., May 5, 2013) – Drawing Spiderman

2014-05-05 - Diaper Cream HorseI was up in the middle of the night watching television and noticed that there was something on the screen. Apparently Katie had attacked it with diaper rash cream last night… Her toy horse also got the treatment (see photo to the left).

In order to coax Katie into taking her nap today I said that once she got up I would show her a “Special Present”…a video of the Spiderman episode that I used to watch when I was young. When she got up she remembered, and I promptly showed her the videos of Spiderman vs. Mysterio and Spiderman vs. Rhino.

My wife had Katie draw some pictures on the cards we are going to give to Katie’s teachers for Teacher Appreciation Day. Katie drew a scary wolf and an octopus, but wouldn’t draw a picture on the third one. I asked her to draw a picture of Spiderman on the third card, and she did…with a bit of coaxing. First it was just a bunch of lines, but when I asked her to draw a head on it, and she did, Spiderman started to take shape.

Katie had two bowls of ice cream this evening. At least she is eating something.

1) Katie is very interested in the 1960’s Spiderman TV show these days.