Day #1224 (Sat., May 11, 2013) – Pink Ball Of Yarn

2013-05-11 - Fresh StrawberriesKatie and I were sitting out on the patio this morning when an ant started crawling up my leg. Katie replied that it was because I was so sweet. I told her that she was sweet too, but she said “No, I’m juicy”. Where does she come up with these sayings…

My wife and I packed up Katie and took her to a strawberry picking patch this morning (see photo to the right). We picked for a bit then went to look at the chickens. The place was packed with people.

The next stop was Wal-Mart to pick up some photos. While there we got some sealer for the wooden bench we got from Amazon and a ball of pink yarn for Katie (she brought it over to our cart of course). On the drive home she enjoyed some marshmallows.

I went to Trader Joe’s this evening to pick up supplies. As soon as I got home Katie noticed the bag of chips that I had on top of the shopping bags. Of course she wanted some…and came back for seconds. Daddy’s girl…

This evening I assembled the 3-seat bench that my wife got from Amazon. I then sprayed it with some all-weather sealer. Once it is done we will replace the old rikkety bench that is currently in front of the house.

1) We took Katie strawberry picking this morning.