Day #1236 (Thu., May 23, 2013) – Tons Of Energy

2013-05-23 - Deer WatchingKatie eyed a deer in our backyard today (see photo to the left).

Katie has loads of energy these days. She loves to run and wrestle and play tag and “whatever” that involves expending a lot of energy. When Alexa gets her I think I’m going to encourage her to play soccer or tennis with Katie. My wife and I would prefer tennis over soccer because soccer is noted for having a lot of concussions. Having said that it will be Katie who decides what she would like to do moving forward.

This evening Katie wouldn’t go to bed until her room was perfectly organized. While she was putting her little animals in the toy box in the living room, my wife found two little cats and put them in a box with a stuffed cat. When Katie found them, she said: “Oh no! It’s okay, these things happen… I have to take these cats to the toy box”. And so she did.

Katie then covered her seals with all sleeping sacks she had. She then refused to take any sack with her to bed since seals needed them. Of course, as soon as my wife left the room, some action started.

1) Katie needs organization.