Day #1246 (Sun., Jun 2, 2013) – Free Stuffed Tiger!

This morning we were looking for something entertaining for Katie to play with. My wife and I decided that I should go and get a “sprinkler” system from WalGreens. It cost $10 and we hooked it up to the end of our garden hose. At first Katie was afraid of it as the water was coming out so powerful. After cutting it back a bit she got the hang of it. We ran back and forth and got wet. Eventually Katie got tired of it. I was telling my wife that this is the sort of a toy that like a swing set, is really good when you have other kids over to play.

2013-06-02 - Graffiti DrawingAs soon as Katie got up from her afternoon nap she expressed a desire to go for Frozen Yogurt. She has been asking me from time-to-time where I work, so I thought tonight would be a good opportunity to swing by the office, show Katie where I work, and then drop off for some frozen yogurt as well. The store was called “Graffiti”, and as you can tell by the Spiderman-Car-Lizardman picture (see photo to the right) that Katie and I drew on the wall…you can make “Graffiti”.

As we were leaving “Graffiti” my wife and I thought we would try the little crane machine to see if we could win Katie a plush animal. We didn’t, but when Katie put up a little bit of a fuss in leaving, the boy who was at the counter said that we could have one of the ones he won earlier. Katie chose the stuffed tiger. On the drive home Katie expressed a desire to give the tiger a smaller tale with her scissors…I’ll let my wife work on that one…

1) Katie got a free stuffed tiger at Graffiti Frozen Yogurt.