Day #1254 (Mon., Jun 10, 2013) – Ewa And Gabby

2013-06-10 - Squirt GunsThe photo to the left shows the squirt guns that I picked up at Wal-Greens yesterday.

When I arrived home from work today Katie greeted me at the door with a cup of red ink. You’re right…no good could come of that. Our neighbor Gabby, the 2 1/2 year old met me as well. Her mother Ewa brought her over for a visit. We welcomed them back whenever they wanted to come over.

Before they left we got into a discussion about the most difficult age to raise children. She thought two was the hardest. She has NOOOOoooo…. idea what she is going to be facing when her daughter hits 3!

We are having a hard time to get Katie to pee in the toilet. She has reverted back to peeing in her pants. Not all the times, but enough for us to realize that it is not a “one off”. She did invite herself into our neighbor’s house (i.e.: Ewa and Gabby) the other day to use their toilet, but for some reason she will sometimes not use our toilet when it is right down the hallway.

1) Katie played with Gabby today.