Day #1284 (Wed., July 10, 2013) – Alexa’s Last Day

2013-07-10 - Pen MarksKatie has decided to be creative with her legs. In the photo to the left you can see her artistry with the pen.

We decided that we would go out for ice cream this evening. My wife and I were planning on Maple Dairy Farms, but when Katie said she wanted some of those red and yellow things that go pop off to Yopop we went. While there Katie twirled around and showed us some of her “Princess Moves” as she calls them.

When we got home I unpacked the three boxes that arrived from Nova Scotia today. My wife and Katie were very excited to see the “goodies”. Could there be presents in there for them?

In the first box I opened there were indeed a number of items that Katie found interesting. The chief among them being my Marine Band Harmonica. She took to it right away. My wife was amazed at how good the quality of the sound she was making was. Soon I had the guitar out playing while Katie played the harmonica and danced about.

Katie also enjoyed my cub scout pouch and belt. I used to use that to hold the cub scout dues for my weekly meeting, but Katie ended up storing not only coins but a little Spiderman figurine.

I also showed Katie the Cooper Black Diamond baseball glove I got back when I was a kid for $17.

Later in the evening we assembled a shoe bench for our front entrance way. Now we will no longer be tripping over shoes when we enter the house…hopefully.

1) This is Katie’s babysitter Alexa’s last day.