Day #1308 (Sat., Aug. 3, 2013) – Screaming Like Mad…

Katie woke up around 5am this morning saying she was hungry. If that wasn’t bad enough she started screaming like mad when my wife put her back to bed. She would cry and yell at the top of her lungs “I want my daddy”… Not sure where this is coming from but I sure hope this phase ends soon.

2013-08-03 - Champagne GrapesI ran some errands this afternoon while my wife took care of Katie. First I went to Lowe’s to get some screws to secure the magazine rack in the bathroom. On the way home I stopped off at WholeFoods to get some goat’s milk for Katie. I saw some “champagne grapes” (see photo to the left) that I thought Katie would like…they remind me of the “pop” candies that we get at YoPop for her whenever we go.

Once I got home I decided that I needed to wash the car so I got Katie to help me (you know how much she loves water). One thing led to another and before you know it she was in a bathing suit and the sprinkler was out.

This evening Katie wanted me to dance with her so she put on some “canned music” from our Casio organ and up we went. Not sure where this desire to dance comes from…my wife and I don’t have it.

As with this morning putting Katie to bed was an “experience”. More crying and screaming and yelling “I want my daddy”…

1) Katie loves it when I dance with her to the beat of the Casio organ.