Day #1313 (Thu., Aug. 8, 2013) – Animal Train

2013-08-08 - Oil PaintingThe photo to the right shows the oil painting that now rests over our master bed.

Katie woke up before 8am this morning. She waved goodbye to me at the door when I went to work.

All Katie wants to do with Anya is to go to the park and feed the squirrels. My wife gave her a couple of hamburger buns on today’s excursion so I’m sure the squirrels will be pleased.

Katie was eating like crazy this evening. I made hamburger and mushrooms and as soon as she came in from outside she smelled the mushrooms on the grill. She had three hamburger patties, some mushrooms, and plenty of pistascios. Eating like crazy. Three hamburger patties, mushrooms, pistachios, etc. Another growth spurt I suppose?

Katie was helping my wife folding clothes this evening. She cried when there were no more clothes left to fold and put up on hangers.

This evening Katie and I devised an “Animal Train” game. We would load up a certain type of animals into a train car and then cart them off to the zoo. First birds, then lions, then giraffes, etc. No cats or dogs those. Don’t you know dad…cats or dogs don’t belong in zoos… 🙂

1) Katie is into feeding the squirrels these days.