Day #1338 (Mon., Sept. 2, 2013) – Animal Parade

2013-09-02 - Animal Parade

Today is labor day so I have a day off work…kinda… Being home with Katie for the day redefines a “day off work”…

I thought we would do something a bit different today so Katie and I started at the door of the office and lined all of her toy animals up in one long parade (see photo to the right). I was wondering how long it would extend. In the end, not including those animals she plays with in the tub, the line went right to the refrigerator. I looked like they were lining up for a snack. When that was done (well over an hour) Katie was exhausted and wanted some milk and to watch a bit of television.

Katie wanted to have a bath this afternoon and this included a continuation of our game the other day where she lines up the animals and I shoot them into the water with a squirt gun. The only thing that managed to get her out of the tub was my offer to show her an “Archer Fish” on YouTube. An archer fish will shoot little streams of water from its mouth and hit bugs into the water for a nice tasty snack.

With Katie to bed for a nap I took to setting up our TiVo unit in the bedroom. With this in place we will be able to get rid of our cable television and save some $$$. In the end we needed to order some infrared cables from Amazon.

This evening I bundled up Katie and took her to Moe’s for a couple of burritos (they have a special on Monday). She wanted to have some chips at one of the tables so we sat down for a bit, then took the rest home to eat. I thought she might like the peach soda I got for her but she spit it out…guess it was the bubbles that got to her.

1) Katie and I made a “House Long” animal parade today.