Day #1341 (Thu., Sept. 5, 2013) – Don’t Leave Margaret

2013-09-05 - Katie Gets BiggerKatie is getting bigger and bigger each and every day as you can tell in the photo to the right.

Margaret came to babysit Katie today. They were getting along so well that Katie had a hard time letting her leave at the end of the day…first time that has happened.

On they way home from work today I stopped off at the pharmacy to pick up a subscription. They had reams of paper on sale for $2.99 so I picked up one to take home. First off we needed it for our printer. Second off we had no paper for Katie to draw and paint on. When I showed up at the front door and tried to pawn this ream of paper off as a “Special Present” for Katie she was having nothing to do with it. She was upset for a bit, but calmed down when I produced some stickers from Trader Joe’s that I had lying in the cabinet. “I love stickers” she said. Mission accomplished.

This evening we played “Animal Hospital” for a bit. In today’s episode we had to line all the animals up in a special area of the living room. “This is for all the sick animals” Katie said. Seems like she can line thsoe aniamls up for hours.

1) Katie didn’t want Margaret to leave today.