Day #1343 (Sat., Sept. 7, 2013) – The Paving Guy

We had a guy come to the house this morning and give an estimate on the cost of paving some of our driveway. The torrential rains this past summer have destroyed the bottom portion of it. We could fill it in with stones and gravel…but that is only a temporary solution. Paving seems the way to go. He brought out a wheel to measure the distance and Katie enjoyed walking along with him. To her it was a game, not business.

I went to Trader Joe’s for supplies while my wife took Katie to the doctor for a shot. I picked up some lollipops for Katie along with the always requested strawberries.

2013-09-07 - Spiderman PinballThis afternoon I gave Katie a “Special Present”…a Spiderman Pinball Machine (see photo to the right). She played with it for a bit, but soon wanted to create another line of jungle animals.

This evening I went to Moe’s to get a couple of Joey Jr’s. The plan fluctuated between me going alone or all of us going but Katie made the decision in the end that she would stay home and watch cartoons while I went out and got the burritos by myself. I got two Joey Jr’s, but we are going to have to start upsizing. By the time Katie is done picking our burritos apart there is less and less for us.

1) Katie got to meet “The Paving Guy” today.