Day #1351 (Sun., Sept. 15, 2013) – Neon Frozen Yogurt

We thought that we would surprise Katie with a special treat this evening…a trip to the local elementary school. She has been asking to go there for a while now and tonight is the night. I’m not sure if it is the kids who sometimes drop by or all the various equipment she can play on. Nonetheless, tonight is the night. One of tonight’s highlights was a green caterpillar bug, very similar to the ones that used to decimate our tomato plants in Cary. It was lying on the ground and I picked it up and put it out of the way…of course Katie was fascinated with it. Other highlights were: (1) Troll on the bridge, none shall pass and (2) kicking a pinkish/red ball around.

I happened to mention to my wife that there was a Halloween Store near Trader Joe’s and soon we were there. Of course Katie loved it. My wife wanted to look at the various cat costumes that Katie might like. Katie and I got lost in the world of the spooky and weird. There was this old lady in a booth (a witch perhaps) that would cackle at you when you pushed the red button…Katie was afraid to push it. As you stepped aside a rattlesnake would jump at your heels. A great time was had by one and all?

2013-09-15 - Neon Frozen YogurtNext stop was next door for a $5.00 foot long sub at Subway. Katie got to pick out which booth we would sit at (a favorite activity of hers). We then went to TCBY for a treat. Katie wanted the “Neon Colored” frozen yogurt (see photo to the left). It is supposed to be vanilla in flavor but when I tasted it you can hardly taste the vanilla…so overpowering is the color. Just like the Lik-M-Aid of old, it brightly colored your tongue.

1) Katie picked out Neon Frozen Yogurt this evening as a special treat.