Day #1353 (Tue., Sept. 17, 2013) – Hat Stickers On Animals

One drawback to having a new driveway is that cars turn around in it. I really don’t blame them. With all the “washed out” and “tired and weary” driveways in our neighborhood who can resist the allure of some fresh new asphalt?

I got an email from my wife today…Katie didn’t have a nap so she is beat. I’m not feeling that bad…but I am still fighting off this cold. Katie…”Energizer Bunny”. She’ll probably crash early tonight though.

When I got home from work Katie met me at the door. As usual she asked me for a present. When I told her I didn’t have one she started to whine. I replied “I don’t have a present but I can play with you”. “Ok” she said with delight. I didn’t think it was going to be that easy.

2013-09-17 - Animal HatsIn tonight’s rendition of the “never old” Jungle Animal Play we lined up the animals on the perimeter of the coffee table. Something a bit different this evening…I found some stickers of hats, so we put “Party Hats” on some of the animals (see photo to the right). We even managed to find a “Party Sign” for the side of the cheetah.

Daddy I want a present, whine. I’ll play with you…okay.

I was trying to watch a bit of television on the LazyBoy when Katie came up singing the “1960’s Batman Theme Song”. Before long we were singing it together. Then she was sitting on the armrest of the LazyBoy and we were watching the 1960’s Batman Show together. Then she was in the chair and I was kicked out and the “Care Bear Movie” was playing…

My wife told me this evening that as she was trying to put Katie to bed Katie replied “Look mommy I’m not tired. I’m not yawning and I’m not knocking stuff over”.


1) Katie and I made Animal Sticker Hats this evening.