Day #1355 (Thu., Sept. 19, 2013) – Margaret Go Home

Katie continued on with her fussiness today. All she wanted to do was play with my wife. At one point she asked our babysitter Margaret to go home.

2013-09-19 - Door KnockersWhen I got home from work I figured I had better bring a present for Katie. Realizing that she was so fussy perhaps this will calm her down. It’s a real pain to have a fussy child hour after hour. Today’s “Special Present” was a Door Knocker Set (see photo to the right)…basically the same set that I gave her a few weeks ago. It’s always a real hit to give something like this to Katie was a present. All you need to do is say “Let’s decorate for the party” and she will take it from there.

My wife was beat so she went to bed early. Daddy’s turn to tend to Katie. We started off by making a huge tower out of blocks with the yellow chicken at the top. Katie then decided that she would make a long trail of blocks interweving together.

In an attempt to get her to go to bed I did manage to get two bottles of milk into her. She even ate some cheese, but not much else. 11:27pm…Katie is out (I hope)…

1) Katie asked Margaret to go home today.