Day #1364 (Sat., Sept. 28, 2013) – DD#3 A Wal-Mart Halloween

I’m putting up a new mailbox for Alfred, our neighbor, and went to Home Depot and Lowe’s for supplies this morning. I got caught in traffic for a UNC football game, so it took longer than I thought.

2013-09-28 - Walmart HalloweenMy wife was not feeling well so I took care of Katie this evening. As usual, Katie wanted to go to the Halloween Store. I thought that we would give them a break this evening and take her to Wal-Mart instead. This is effectively Daddy/Daughter (i.e.: DD) #3. They usually have quite a few Halloween decorations (see photo to the right)…at least something that will catch Katie’s attention for a while.

At Wal-Mart Katie started off playing with the various Halloween cats. She then moved on to putting on various Halloween hats. There was this little bowl with a skeleton on it that would say various lines when you pushed the button. Saying like “No candy for you…it will rot your teeth”. Katie was a bit afraid of it so she had me push the button.

We gradually worked our way over to the plastic balls and Hula Hoop section. Katie and I played with the balls for a bit, but she really took to the Hula Hoops. She took great delight in showing me how they worked. She handed one to me and one for her and away she went. I guess that they must have them at her school?

1) Katie showed me how to work a Hula Hoop at Wal-Mart this evening.