Day #1366 (Mon., Sept. 30, 2013) – Bedtime Stories

2013-09-30 - My Wife's PaintingThe photo to the right shows the oil painting that my wife is doing.

4am and Katie is up. My wife is not feeling well so I took over with the plan Katie would go to bed in 5 minutes…that was not to be. She wanted to watch television then play. Eventually I took her to bed with the idea that I would tell her a couple of stories. Here’s how they went:

The first story revolved around Scooby-Doo who loved giraffes. He had a special favorite, a “Crystal Giraffe” that he had on his mantlepiece. One day it was gone. A neighbor said that a ghost took it. He decided to set a trap with a huge giraffe that he put next to his mantlepiece. and he stayed up late at night waiting and eventually, the trap was sprung. It pulled the sheet off the ghost and there was the thief…the butler. Why the butler? I told Katie that the butler always does it. Scooby then asked the butler why he stole his Crystal Giraffe? The butler said because he liked it. Scooby then told the butler he should have just asked and gave it to him. The moral of the story being, ask and you shall receive…

Of course Katie wanted another story…

The second story revolved around a huge mammoth butterfly. Scooby-Doo was sleeping out one night and he heard this munching sound. It was getting louder and louder. He peeked his head out of the tent door and saw this large mammoth butterfly. He was scared it would eat him so he called 911. The police and firemen came and captured the butterfly. When they asked him why he wanted to eat Scooby the butterfly replied “Why not”? The police and firemen then introduced him to vegetarian cooking and the butterfly said he would not eat dog anymore…

That did the trick…for awhile. Katie would play her music and toss and turn and about 30 minutes later she was calling for me again… Ughhh….

1) Katie got a couple of bedtime stories today.